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  Need some help with your event?   Leave a slow clear message at 541-746-8923 and a rep will call to help you out!

PLEASE NOTE -     We are still working on updating the website - so things may be a little slow, and some of the information on the site may be out of date.    We are asking everyone give us at least 2-3 weeks notice for rental requests dates.    Thank you for your patience.

Gear for all ages, Lazer Tag Team Ops, and ST-Pro!

Starting at $5 per gun for 2-3 days!


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With our Gear...


Only $5.00 per Tagger for 2-4 days!

We rent to anywhere within the continental U.S. states!

Out of time? In a hurry?  Need something to ship within the next 24hrs?   Then click here to see if we have any packages ready to ship right now!


Attention Oregon Cascades Area!

We have hosted packages starting at $250.00! For more information, email us at: Rentals@1SLT.com or leave a clear clean message with you name and phone number

at: 541-746-8923.

Note: DJ Dave is available separately, w/2000watts of sound, and an awesome light show.

>>CLICK HERE to contact DJ DAVE<<

Catering, Bounce House Affiliates also  Available!

Deluxe (DLX)




Pro-Grade Eclipse System

 For local Adult Games, we have Pro-Grade Gear!


(PDF Format)

Its fun... Its Fast... Its AFFORDABLE!

Birthday Parties,  Youth Groups, Graduation Parties,  Company Picnics, Fairs & Carnivals, Fund Rasiers!

Charities, ask a rep about specials we have for fund raisers!


Need help throwing the ultimate Laser Tag event, leave your number and have a 1SLT rep call to give you ideas on how to make things fun and stay affordable: 541-746-8923

How do I go about renting?

Renting Gear is EASY! 

Step 1: Check the Rental Availability Spreadsheet.    The spreadsheet shows what gear is available for a given day.   You can still apply for gear on a day that is booked, this will put you on a waiting list in case there is a cancellation.   1 Source Laser Tag also has a list of affiliates - if we cannot help you out, we will check around and see if one of our affiliates can help you out.   We are all about helping the customer.

>> Click here for Availability Spreadsheet<<

Step:2:   Next, once you find a day with available gear,  send in a rental request by either filling out our older simple  form at the bottom of this page (scroll down) or use our new rental catalog (under construction).   The form gives us your contact information, how many and what gear you need, the date you need it on, and an idea of how many days it will take to ship the gear to you.    It is crucial that the email address submitted in the form or catalog is correct - or we will not be able to get in touch with you.

Step 3:   After we recieve your request.   We review what gear we have available versus what you have requested.     Within 1-5 days you will receive an email from us to confirm, clarify, or deny your rental request.   When you are approved, your name is added to our rental calendar.  

Be sure to check the calendar for your name and ensure that it is on the right date, and that we have the right number of gear reserved.   You can see what gear has been assigned to you by clicking on your name.

    If you don't see your name on the calendar within 5 days after you fill out the form, or we got the date or the number of guns reserved wrong - Please use the CONTACT US form to let us know!

>> CLICK HERE to go to the CONTACT US page right now!<<

Step 4:  At least 7 days before the rental date, a rental purchase agreement will be placed in our Ready to go Rental Catalog.

>>CLICK HERE to go to the Ready to Rent Catalog<<

If your name is there, simply click on your name and you will be taken to your rental purchase agreement in the rentals catalog.   If you don't see your name on the table....please use the CONTACT US page to let us know. 

Currently you have two options available to pay:

     Paypal - Use your paypal account or a credit/debit card.   The full deposit and rental amount will be charged up front.   Unused deposits will be refunded when the gear is returned and we have had a chance to inspect it (within 30 days of the original purchase if gear is returned on time).

     Authorize.net - For customers not comfortable with Paypal, we have a credit card gateway with Authorize.net.   Instead of charging, an authorization is made on your account that locks the funds for 30 days.    Upon return and inspection of the gear - we charge only the rental fee + shipping + damage/late fees.    The rest of the locked funds will be released 30 days from the date of purchase or sooner depending on your banking institution - we have no control over the 30 day delay.




Step 5: AFTER YOU MAKE THE PURCHASE: We ship the gear out to you so you get the gear at least 1 day BEFORE the rental date.  Its very imprtant to note that if the agreement is not purchased and the DEPOSIT is not paid....we will NOT ship the gear.     We only use Fedex (as they are the only shipper that ensures shipping on time),  ground / home delivery as much as possible.    If express shipping is required, it will be mentioned in the rental contract or the customer will be contacted to get permission to ship at the higher rate.

Step 6: You have a blast!

Step 7: You ship the gear back by the ship date on your contract...

Step 8: The gear is inspected, unused deposits are refunded or released back to you depending on which payment method you used.

That is it! 


How much is this going to cost me?


  Hosted packages start at $250.00 for 3 hours if we do not have to provide any blockers, sound system, lights,  or extra referees.   If we have to provide the playing field the price starts at $500.00 for the first 3 hours + $50 per hour for each employee we have to hire to handle the number of players+ travel and lodging fees.    This cost covers, the entire service including, gear, batteries, sound, lighting, fog,  arena blockers, referees, DJ, setup, and tear down.   What we setup is totally dependent on how many workers we have and how much time is available.   Discounts are available if you provide helpers for setup and tear down.

 -Renting gear:

- BASE COST: The following is a list of cost for our gear / packages for a 2 day rental:

 LTTO Deluxe Pistol:  $5 ea. + $15 deposit ea.

 LTTO IRT-2X Pistol: $5 ea. + 22 deposit ea.

 LTTO LTX Pistol: $8.00 ea. + $22 deposit ea. 

 LTAR (no iDevice): $8.00 ea + $25 deposit ea.

 ST-PRO Gear 8 Pack: $300.00 + $800.00 deposit for package


-DEPOSIT:  This is a gear deposit fee.   The deposit is returned/refunded when we get the gear back on time and it is inspected to not have been broken during the rental.      

-BATTERIES: To reduce shipping costs, we do not ship the gear with batteries.  So you should take into consideration that you will also need to buy 6 AA batteries per gun.    The ST-PRO gear comes with built in rechargable batteries.

-SHIPPING:   We charge a shipping deposit up front.   The deposit depends on the gear size, how far the gear has to be shipped, and how many days are available to ship.   Generally we attempt to ship via FedEx ground.   If the contract is purchased late, then we may be required to ship express to ensure proper delivery time.     This amount is stated on your rental agreement.   If actual shipping is less then the shipping deposit -you will only be charged the actual shipping cost - no hidden handling fees!    As long as the rental is purchased on time, even if the actual shipping cost is 10 times the amount stated on the rental agreement, you will only be charged the amount stated in the agreement.     The only exception to this is when the rental is purchased less than 5 days before the rental.  We reserve the right to charge actual shipping cost if we have to use 2nd day or overnight shipping due to late purchase of the rental agreement.    Note: In thinking of cost consideration, you should factor in that you will need to ship the gear back to us.   You have 7 days to get the gear back to us.

-MEANS OF PURCHASE:   All mail delivered rentals must be paid through Paypal - which requires the use of a credit or debit card account.    Due to a number of problems in the past, we no longer accept checks for mail delivered rentals.    The full amount is charged up front, and your deposit fees are refunded upon return of the gear in good condition.    For local customers picking up, or having us host and event, a check may be used.

- BROKEN GEAR:   If a gun is damaged, then we will attempt to just fix it, and you will be charged for the repair.   If the gear is damaged beyond repair....you will be charged up to $45 to replace it (you have the option of keeping the broken gear).   To date, we have only  had to charge once for a missing battery door, and a few broken deluxe headsets that was only around $5 each.   These guns are durable.

-LATE FEES:  You are given 1 week (7 days) to get the gear back to us.  Your contract will state the date on which we will start charging $1 per day / per gun that the gear is late.

COST SUMMARY:  When the gear is returned, you will be charged the rental cost + actual shipping costs + repair fees if any + late fees if any.   Other costs: batteries + return shipping.

Even with the cost of the batteries and shipping, you will find that this is the best deal out there - the closest other option will cost you at least twice as much.


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WARNING!   You must use a valid Town, Zip Code, & Email Address or your request will be deleted by the server before we even see it.  If you don't get an email within a day of submitting this form, please use the CONTACT US form, or email me directly at droman@1sourcelasertag.com